In a study made by the INE, the National Institute of Statistics of Spain, it was claimed that more than 22.000 homeless people have been provided with assistance and accommodation by charitable organizations or public institutions during 2012. More than the 80% were men.

The mean age of the homeless registered in this study was 42. Regarding to their nationalities, 54% were Spanish. The other 46% were foreigners, and within that percentage 56% were Africans and 22% Europeans.

In Spain the regions with bigger number of homeless people are Madrid (15.4%) and Cataluña (21 %). These regions would therefore be our first targets to implant our network.

A study made by ObservatorioHatento increases the number of aggressions provided by the “INE” to 30000, representing the 47% of the homeless currently living in Spain. The study also reveals that the 28% of these aggressions are perpetrated by young people going back home from partying, meaning this that they are not just committed by gangs or any other kind of criminal groups.
According to some charitable organizations, the life expectancy of homeless people is less than 60. That is 20 years less in comparison with the average life expectancy of people in Spain. According to more than 50% of homeless people have suffered aggressions.


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