Do you think it is a viable project in Madrid?

There are still a lot of limitations. The legislation in Spain do not allow to fly drones in public spaces. In the sort run it is more useful to draw on the surveillance cameras around the city.

Taking into account the scope of a drone, what number of drones would we need to cover the Community?

Nowadays the max scope we have reach is 30min in medium drones, thus it is the biggest limitation.

You will need an intrincate net of drones that will be able to only do flights of 15 minutes to the destination point and another 15 back.

What weight would it have? What are the dangers of a drone failure?

The most common drones weight less than 2 kilograms and are designed to carry a camera.

To get the fleet of drones, what would you recommend? Their manufacture, purchase or leasing?

At the beginning, the best option for you will be a lesing of a little net. When you improve the system and get specialize, maybe you will start thinking on your own production

― Drone Pilot