Drones care about people

Our team has implemented a new innovation solution in order to improve the peaceful coexistence and the security of our society. A drones group will patrol our city sky. These drones will be available for the most vulnerable population 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They are equipped with cameras which provide high quality images.

Our officers are able to arrive quickly where other system cannot arrive. Our drones provide recordings and information in real time to the security forces. Besides they have a deterrent effect.



When one thinks of living basic needs, we always think of food and medical help, but in our team we also consider that security is a basic need to which everyone should have access.

Without a roof and a door to protect them, homeless people are susceptible to all kind of aggressions and vexations. Although Spain has an outstanding police system, it is really difficult for them to arrive on time before the aggression is perpetrated or catch the responsible for the crime. Therefore the aim of our surveillance drone system is:

  • Dissuade people from committing such despicable actions.
  • Provide the police officers with assistance in catching the aggressors.

In order to solve this problem we have an alternative solution to manage the actual situation. It is based on a current service provided by the security forces. With this solution homeless people would be given a button with a GPS localizer. When clicking the button the police would automatically be called, while one of the drones of our fleet would be activated.

The drone would quickly travel to the area where the user is located, and film everything that happens.

Given the speed that current drones can achieve, the speed by which they can be activated, and the fact that they are not subject to traffic issues, the drone could reach the area notably faster than the police.

Our innovations, our impact

  • Everyone deserves the ability to live secure in the community.
  • Our motivation is manage a better society.
  • Our target is that our technology to have a real impact on the world.